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Re: Can I use PowerSDR-IQ with my present hardware??

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  • k4nyy
    Hi Martin, Thanks for your comments. In an email message with Christos, he explained to me that PowerSDR-IQ was not designed to be used as an IF Reader , and
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 2013
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      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comments. In an email message with Christos, he explained to me that PowerSDR-IQ was not designed to be used as an "IF Reader", and would probably not be suitable to work with my present hardware.

      My only problem with my present hardware and PopwerSDR\IF Stage
      software is that I have great difficulty tuning my TS-940A with the radio's VFO knob caused by a lack of feeling in my hands and fingers due to a condition called Peripheral Neuropathy. I have read about the FlexControl USB Controlled Tuning Knob used with PowerSDR 2.5.3 for Flex Radios. It sounds as if it could work for me. Unfortunately, Scott and Chad have not brought out any refinements or upgrades to PowerSDR\IF Stage since April 2010.

      So, I have been searching around for other developers of SDR software
      based on PowerSDR that could possible work for me with my present setup.

      I might convert to a Softrock Ensemble or a SI570 based FA-SDR like
      you did later down the road. My neuropathy makes kit building somewhat difficult. So, for now, I will stay with my present set up.

      73 Joe K4NYY

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, Martin <dm4im@...> wrote:
      > Joe, i did the same. I went from a K3 with LPPan and E-MU 0202 using
      > PSDR IF Stage to a SI570 based FA-SDR.
      > I use the same hardware, computer, e-mu etc.
      > You will find that not all features of e.g. PowerSDR 2.4.4 SV1EIA will
      > work as long as you don't use a supported card.
      > These are: The Audio from the headphone (connected to the computer) may
      > have a long delay while you transmit.
      > The AF slider might not affect RX audio.
      > The Mic slider might not affect the Mic.
      > MON might not switch off RX Audio.
      > With the headphone connected to the e-mu, i find:
      > AF slider affects audio.
      > Very small delay between my voice and the audio comming from the headphone.
      > CW via ComPort works fine, i can even key iambic because the delay is so
      > small.
      > Now, if you just cut off the headphone ( switch in/out with a relay)
      > while you transmit you may be satisfied. At least I am. Set the MIC
      > level in the Windows Control Panel and youre done.
      > Go for it, enjoy . Buy a supported card later if at all.
      > 73, Martin
      > DM4iM
      > Am 26.03.2013 17:01, schrieb k4nyy:
      > > Hello, I am new to this group, but not new to the SDR software
      > > experience. I have been using PowerSDR/IF Stage, a SoftRock, and an
      > > EMU-0202 to run my TS-940S successfully for over 2 years.
      > >
      > > I am now wanting try other SDR software. My questions for anyone in the
      > > group are:
      > >
      > > 1. Can I use my present hardware to evaluate PowerSDR-IQ ?
      > >
      > > 2. If not, why not, and what would have to be changed?
      > >
      > > 3. If so, what features if any, does PowerSDR-IQ have that are not
      > > available with PowerSDR\IF Stage?
      > >
      > > Any comments and\or suggestions would be appreciated.
      > >
      > > 73 Joe K4NYY
      > >
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