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823Obscure problem

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  • rodbrink15
    Dec 9, 2009
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      Here's a problem that really has me scratching my head. I have two computers - both with Delta 44 sound cards and both running Windows xp and same version of PSDR. One works flawlessly. The other works flawlessly only immediately after the Delta driver is installed. But if that computer is shut down and restarted, the Delta card works only at 48 ksps and refuses to work at 96 kbps. The shutdown (or subsequent startup) is somehow corrupting or upsetting the driver. The computer that works correctly has all the .NET updates including .NET 3.5. The one that fails has updates only through .NET 2.0. Would this have anything to do with it? I guess I could update the ailing computer with all .NET updates but am reluctant because of shrinking disk space.
      Any ideas or stuff to try would be greatly appreciated.

      Rod, KQ6F
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