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781Re: Serial or Parallel CW?

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  • sailingto
    Nov 1 12:36 PM
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      Thanks for the link - I had searched, but that post didn't turn up.... it still doesn't answer my question - "will serial work"??

      In the setup under DSP, there is a "Keyer" tab where the only options are for COM ports - no LPT available. This seems to be the CW paddle settings. Only under "Hardware" tab do I find a LPT selection - and that seems to be for the PTT settings. Does that also setup the CW input from paddles?

      Will it work with serial wiring if I set the COMM port in the Keyer tab? I can use parallel port with my desktop, but not with my notebook that has no parallel port.

      Thanks for the time and effort you have put into a GREAT program.

      73 de Ken H> K9FV

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      > > Hello all, I've recently started using PowerSDR-IQ and it's a neat program - works nicely. My question is for CW keying with paddles - can this be done via the serial port? If so, what is the wiring - will the wiring connections shown on the V6.3RXTX for paddles to Rocky work?
      > >
      > > OR is the parallel wiring shown in the documentation all that will work? if this wiring - are any resistors required or just wire the paddle pins direct to the pin 11 & 13 - should the ground wire be left disconnected to help prevent ground loops? OR should all 3 wires be connected? All I want is paddle input to work CW.
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      > > I'd prefer Serial if that is possible due to the convenience of my serial ports vs the parallel port (which isn't available on my laptop).
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      > > Thank you for a great program.
      > >
      > > 73 de Ken H K9FV
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