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779Serial or Parallel CW?

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  • sailingto
    Nov 1, 2009
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      Hello all, I've recently started using PowerSDR-IQ and it's a neat program - works nicely. My question is for CW keying with paddles - can this be done via the serial port? If so, what is the wiring - will the wiring connections shown on the V6.3RXTX for paddles to Rocky work?

      OR is the parallel wiring shown in the documentation all that will work? if this wiring - are any resistors required or just wire the paddle pins direct to the pin 11 & 13 - should the ground wire be left disconnected to help prevent ground loops? OR should all 3 wires be connected? All I want is paddle input to work CW.

      I'd prefer Serial if that is possible due to the convenience of my serial ports vs the parallel port (which isn't available on my laptop).

      Thank you for a great program.

      73 de Ken H K9FV
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