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73Re: New vesion question

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  • Christos Nikolaou
    Nov 1, 2008
      Hi Ray,

      The file PowerSDR.mdb inside the program folder holds all
      configuration information. If you save this file and restore it back
      it will preserve all settings.

      Regarding the clicking, it should be there when you move beyond the
      2000ppm frequency threshold, that means if your frequency change is
      greater than 2000ppm then the Si570 has to retune so a 20ms gap will
      come up as a click. That is by definition of Si570 command set.
      This Clicking is bearely noticeable in low bands but quite noticeable
      in higher freq >20m.
      In the early days of Si570 we had clicking even within the 2000ppm
      area, then SiLabs informed us and at least for the 'nearby'
      frequencies there is no clicking, yet again it will be there for
      higher frequency jumps.

      Christos SV1EIA

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, "w7rjc" <w7rjc@...> wrote:
      > Hi Christos,
      > I am going to install the latest version of powersdr and since I have
      > done the RX calibrations I am wondering how to do it without losing
      > the calibration settings it has saved? I'm going from vesion 01 to
      > version 03
      > I have also noted some clicking as I change freq. I am hoping version
      > 03 will correct this. Thanks for all you do to help us guys in the
      > trenches. Ray W7RJC
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