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651Re: [powersdr-iq] 96 Kc

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  • K9ACT
    Sep 3, 2009
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      Michael Heim wrote:
      > Yes, I did the same thing with I think the same hardware, older 24
      > bit SB USB device. Latency of around 50 fixed me up too. Also helps
      > with the onboard sound too (Realtek HD). It chops even at 48k, which
      > now works at 92K.

      Interesting. I just put my Dell lap top back on the system and tried
      the same stuff and got nowhere. It would not run at 96 with the same
      setting I used on the HP tower and SB.

      I bought the HP because I could not use the USB BPF control. My
      transmitter would barf it up almost every time I key it. No problem now
      with the LPT.

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