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432Re: [powersdr-iq] Re: Wish List

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  • Dave - WB6DHW
    Apr 17, 2009

      The UHFSDR does not use an H mode mixer(at least if I understand what
      an H mode mixer is). The UHFSDR uses 2 standard double balanced mixers.
      The DBM's have about 6 dB of loss verses 1dB or less for the QSD.
      But, DBM's are available for frequencies well into the tens of GHz. It
      uses a quadrature LO as do all the other SDR's.

      Dave - WB6DHW

      Christos Nikolaou wrote:
      > Hi Joe,
      > The UHFSDR kit is still sitting there in pieces in my lab pipeline...
      > I envy that you already got the feeling of it and how the H-Mode mixer works in comparisson to the QSD/QSE we were familiar with.
      > I didnt go into the trouble of building it on the beta board and patiently waiting Dave to anounce the new rectified boards.
      > Appart from the first touches on PowerSDR-IQ for UHFSDR usage I didnt had the time to incorporate the requests done so far yet. But I will, since I also want to have the H-Mode mixer experience and SDR up to UHF.
      > Although you had your Easter last week, its the Orthodox Easter here so you have my Season Greetings.
      > 73,
      > Christos SV1EIA
      > --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, "joe price" <joeprice@...> wrote:
      >> Christos,
      >> I have had some success with Dave's WB6DHW's UHFSDR project on two meters. would you please consider the following changes to your next revision.
      >> Add the 2 meter band selection box in the Band-HF under the S meter.
      >> Keep the extended frequency box checked under General Si570 (to allow TX on 2).
      >> Store TX/RX I/Q image data for 2 meters.
      >> Enable the TX Sequencing time so that it's used in both directions not
      >> just RX to TX. The UHFSDR board has a small transient switching from TX to RX
      >> which activates the RX AGC when TIME is set to slow (SSB) Fast AGC is OK.
      >> Joe wa9cgz
      >> .
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