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3094Win7, PWRsdr

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  • camqrp
    Aug 8, 2014

      I see where this subject may have been touched on before, but didn't see an answer. I'm running a Softrock Ensemble RXTX, the computer is an HP quad core running Win 7. Sound card is a Audigy 2 ZS. 

      Under XP, PowerSDR liked the Audigy as a supported sound card and all parts played together well. Under Win 7, PSDR reports that it can't find the Audigy. 

      When I bring up other programs such as HDSDR or Rocky, the sound card drop-down box reports the internal sound card as " Analog Mix (Line/CD/AUX/TAD/PC)". It doesn't list the Audigy by it's real name, which I'm thinking is the problem with PSDR.

      Any way to get Win 7 to report the sound card by it's real name so PSDR will recognize it?


      Cam N6GA