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3064Re: How Cw operation with PowerSDR 2.4.4/LimaSDR

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  • ceesv10
    May 14, 2014

      I have spent many hours to figure out where things go wrong .
      In principle, the problem may be with PWRSDR output or it's the Lima that keying can not handle.

      To find out this, I total disconnected the Lima from the PC .

      The keyer settings according to:   Iambic - and - Break - In: Enabled   combined with the bare Begali keyer.
      The scoop output looks neat with a sine amplitude of  60 ppmV depending on the sound card volume setting.

      But with the headset is the result much less. What is the audio result:
      Only at very low speed keying ( 9 WPM ) are the dots and dashes acceptable, but the higher speeds are the dots sounding uncontrolled, and at higher speeds, sounding also the dashes are out of control.

      I have a lot of PWRSDR institutions tried unsuccessfully .

      In the above situation, the PWRSDR software and my soundcard participates in the generated output to the Lima .

      Regarding the soundcard, the main setup details :

      ASUS Xonar D1 , so an unsupported card
      Sample Rate : 192000, other values ​​are not affected .
      Buffer Size : 2048

      Also the sound card I have tried all settings.
      Note: results of the RX Lima are fine with this soundcard.
      The sound card I've bought on the advice of PI5EHV station, many of their SDR equipment works with this type of card.

      My tentative conclusion is that Lima is not the cause of this phenomenon , which noted that a connected Lima this uncontrolled characters neatly emits with about 2 watts HF 
      But my goal, keying with Lima, is not (yet) reached Christos. 
      I'd like your expert advice how do I find a solution after this conclusion.

      73 Cees

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