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3063Re: Please...does anyone have PowerSDR-iq working with TXRX Ensemble??

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  • lbs983405
    May 14 6:25 AM


      I tried the settings you gave...no luck. And I tried lots of other settings based on what you have in the link.

      I tried the SB SBX X-Fi USB sound card as full SB drivers AND just uninstalled & tried as a generic USB sound card...no luck. As a reminder...please look at my original post to see my working environment.

      If you have the RXTX Ensemble working with a SB SBX X-F- 5.1 card like mine and on W7 for SSB, CW (digital too if so) then I would sure appreciate seeing all you settings in PowerSDR-IQ 2.4.4 and the cabling just in case I have something different than yours. My software is the Flex 2.4.4 with Christos MODS (emulating a Flex 1000). 




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