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3060Re: Please...does anyone have PowerSDR-iq working with TXRX Ensemble??

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  • jarab2100
    May 13, 2014

      Hello Lee,


      Hang in there, PowerSDR-IQ does work, just takes a little coaxing.  I have not done CW yet but had great results with digital modes, I'm in VA near the coast; WSPR beacon heard over 10,000 miles away in Australia, two-way QSO's with JT65A to Germany, Russia, and Alaska; and multiple stateside contacts with PSK31.  I didn't think it was possible but Tony's rig and Christo's software patch are incredible!  And thanks again to so many others, from the build notes to configuration and troubleshooting info...  Thanks guys!


      There are a lot of folks on these boards with a lot more experience than I, but here's a couple things I've picked up that may help you.  I have an HP laptop with built-in sound card, stereo line-in/out.  Get the barebones basics working before layering in VAC and VSP per Al's instructions for digital/CW modes.


      You said HDSDR works OK SSB, so that tells me you don't have any hardware issues, so something is amiss with your PowerSDR setup.


      PowerSDR Startup -> Use SDR1000, not DEMO

      PowerSDR Setup -> General -> Hardware Config : USB Adapter checked

      PowerSDR Setup -> General -> Hardware Config : Make sure Receive Only is not checked.

      PowerSDR Setup -> Audio -> Primary : Driver MME, Input & Output select your laptop line-in/out, leave the SBX5.1 out for now.

      PowerSDR Setup -> Audio -> Primary : Mixer, Receive, Transmit : None, blank, blank
      PowerSDR Setup -> Audio -> VAC1 : Enable VAC1 unchecked - for now


      Initial Xmit Test:

      Power-up the RXTX, connect the USB, connect line-in, leave line-out(headphone) disconnected.  This should let you hear on the laptop speaker any received audio AND any IQ audio that PowerSDR would send to the RXTX if the cable was connected.


      From the PowerSDR Window:

      Select Start

      Select Panafall Display Mode

      Select TUN to enable the TX tuning signal.  You should see the TX tone on the panadapter display and hear the I/Q audio.  If TUN doesn't give audio out, stop and recheck everything. You may need to play around with your Windows Sound Control.  I've read postings that say leave all mixer settings disabled.  I have to enable mixing between line-out and PowerSDR to get TX to work.  Your mileage may vary :)    If TUN appears to function OK and you hear audio out, move on to a simple CW test.


      Select either CWU or CWL on the middle-right of the PowerSDR screen.

      Select CWX Mode from the PowerSDR Top Menu and activate any of the predefined macros: you should see and hear the CW tone that would be sent, if line-out was connected.


      Don't even try to layer in any other software if you can't get this most basic test of PowerSDR to work OK.


      Once these tests are OK, layer in VSP and VAC.  The two biggest gotcha's I encountered with VSP and VAC were:

      1) I thought I had registered VAC after initial tests.  Oops - I'm sure I looked like the kid from Home Alone when I heard "trial" every few seconds in the line-out audio.  Corrected that mistake in a hurry.


      2) Getting CAT control settings right.

      PowerSDR Setup -> CAT Control -> Port, Baud, etc correct

      PowerSDR Setup -> CAT Control -> ID As: PowerSDR or TS-2000, depending on 3rd party s/w config

      PowerSDR Setup -> CAT Control -> Enable CAT checked


      here's the real gotcha!

      PowerSDR Setup -> DSP -> Keyer -> Secondary -> CAT w/ other settings to match 3rd party s/w

      I use PTT Line: RTS, Key Line: None - to match 3rd party s/w.  Without DSP/Keyer set properly, the other s/w, WSPR, WSJT, Fldigi won't enable PowerSDR TX functions.  The more I think about that last statement, I'm sure I'm probably wrong and there are plenty of other config combinations to get into TX mode, I'm just not aware of them.


      These are the steps I had to work through to get my RXTX up and running.  If you try this and still have problems, I'll be happy to give you a call if you want.  At least we're in the same time zone.




      - Jim



      ---In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, <alpg49@...> wrote :

      Here's the scoop from a couple years ago:  http://k1qn.info/OneCardDigitalRevised.pdf

      I'm now using the updated version of PowerSDR, V2.4.4.  I"ll have to revise the notes. If you install that version, I remember you have to meticulously follow the instructions.  Works like a charm once it's installed.  

      On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 1:30 PM, Kc9cdt@... [powersdr-iq] <powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I ask again...please does ANYONE have this working? (see my original post above)

      I have followed the above link and tried everything I can find on-line.

      So far I can not find anyone that has this working.

      If you do ...please tell me how you did it as mine will only work on RX.



      Al Gerheim, K1QN
      Celebrating 50 years in ham radio!

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