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3053No USB comm from PSDR-IQ to Softrock/MOBO on laptop

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  • wa4ywm
    May 11, 2014

      I am unable to establish USB communications from PSDR to my Softrock/MOBO on my laptop (Vista OS). I get the following message when I click on the USBtoI2C Adapter checkbox:

      "Communications with USB to I2C failed."

      Now for the details.

      I am using PSDR-IQ V1[1].12.20 and PE0FKO USB Driver 1.12.2. THIS IS THE SAME SOFTWARE I HAVE BEEN USING ON MY DESKTOP FOR SEVERAL YEARS WITH THE SOFTROCK/MOBO PACKAGE. I put this in caps so it wouldn't be missed. :-)

      An interesting note: The first time I used the software after installation I had no problem communicating. Since then, no luck. I have re-installed the driver.

      Also note that I have used CFGSR on the laptop and communicated with the Softrock/MOBO. This would imply an issue with PSDR.

      What am I missing here?

      I have had a lot of fun using PSDR with Softrock on SSB and PSK31. I would like to get it to work on my laptop as well for demonstrations.

      Thanks for any help.

      73,  Jim WA4YWM