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3048Re: How Cw operation with PowerSDR 2.4.4/LimaSDR

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  • ceesv10
    May 10, 2014
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      Yes Christos, 

      PE0FKO the firmware is in it and the RX works fine.
      In addition I have installed the software according to the WB5RVZ.ORG - Documentation.
      Earlier this month I asked the designer of Lima (Bernd Wehner, DL9WB) or the lima directly is to drive without the Power SFDR to send CW. 
      But he gave me the advice PWR SDR to do this via the COM port of a PC. 

      I have read the manual of Power SDR but I do not quite understand what kind of keyer you should join. A "bare" Keyer or an electronic keyer such as K1EL 

      Any electronic keyers do not explicitly Dits e Dots line to the transceiver, in this case asked by the serial port, of the PC or is this still to be set within PowerSDR ?

      Also, I don't know if you can use the internal keyer Power-SDR use with Lima or is that just for the FLEX-1000? 

      I know many questions that arise partly from my ignorance, hi

      I am very curious how others have solved this and what configuration they use.
      Currently watching my Begali keyer me hopeful, hi

      73  Cees
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