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3006Cross country radio SDR-4+ and LinkRF IQ+

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  • conrad_g0ruz
    Feb 1, 2014
      I sent this via email but it didn't work so I am sending again using the yahoo groups web mail.

      I have a few compatibility questions. I did a quick search and didn't find anything obvious so apologies if any of this has been asked before, I've been away a while....

      Firstly I have just fitted a G4HUP Pan Adaptor Tap (PAT)in an Icom IC7400 and shortly an IC756Pro and hope to an SDR-4+ from cross country wireless and the 64.455 MHz 1st IF. My radio club has a Flex1500 in the shack and I love the PowerSDR interface. Robert M0RCX another club member has an SDR-4+ which has an Si570 so I think that it will work, at least I get to try before I buy.  Robert has also advance ordered the Cross Country Wireless Sentry transceiver, which I presume will also work with PowerSDR-I.  I should add that I have a Delta -44, more on this later.

      Secondly I am building a fully adaptive polarisation 2m EME system with 6 Xpol yagis and I will be using the linkrf IQ+ dual RX system. This has a pair of independent receivers driven from a common Si570BBB with the VFO at 2 x unlike the softrocks which I know are at 4x. This system will be on a different PC with a seperate Delta-44 card. The IQ+ uses the PE0FKO USB driver to control the VFO.

      The IQ+ may be seen here: http://www.linkrf.ch/IQ+.html

      It is quite expensive but a lot of work has gone into phase balance and keeping computer crud out of the RX, I also don't have time to build any more than I already am doing. I would like to use the system with PowerSDR-IQ when I am on terrestrial, during contests etc.

      Also I have two SDR-4+ receivers fed from the pan adapters will PowerSDR-IQ allow me to run both receivers in one instance of the software as I have 4 inputs on the Delta44.

      Finally how can I change the TX frequency of the radios to match the RX frequency? Quite exciting prospects all this, I used Linrad back in 1998 so I am well aware of the benefits of SDR, it's just loads better now.


      Conrad G0RUZ

      North Wakefield Radio Club www.g4nok.org
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