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2999Re: [powersdr-iq] Re: Soundblaster X-FI causes Blue Screen of Death

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  • Albert Gerheim
    Jan 28, 2014
      I ran through all the volume settings in the PC and PSDR.  ... before I posted to the group.  

      The problems I'm having occur only with my 2 Softrocks.  

      I went with the conventional wisdom and got a "supported" SoundBlaster MP3+ card.  When I tried to setup PSDR for the supported card, it asked me to install asio4all.  I downloaded it, tried to install it, but it said something about not being able to open the install gui.  So I downloaded the beta version of asio4all, and it installed OK.  

      Then the fun started.  When I use PSDR with the "SoundBlaster MP3+" drop-down item, the audio is so misrouted I couldn't figure it out.  The receive audio comes from parts unknown, and the transmit audio goes to the PC's speaker.  It's nice and loud, but I know I'll never work VK6 again that way.  If I use PSDR with the new MP3+ and the "unsupported card" drop-down item, I get the same results I had with the (unsupported) SoundBlaster X-FI.  (Not enough audio, and I get only 300-400mw out from the Softrocks.)  

      In the meantime, I'm running my new Peaberry with no problems whatsoever on 80.  I'm shooting an antenna for 160M later this week.  

      BTW, does anybody know of a good utility to check my PC's drivers?  

      I told my wife I'm ready to quit ham radio and take up dog-sled racing.  

      On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 5:16 PM, ericwd9 <ericwd9@...> wrote:

      If you can obtain ANY card that is "supported" by PSDR you will find
      that many of the the features of PSDR are then enabled.
      This will make operation MUCH easier.
      Using an unsupported card volumetric features within PSDR
      are not operative. Further, you will need a second "Card"
      maybe the one in your PC for AF out and AF in Though VAC
      can provide this for digital modes. The drive to the Softrock
      using an X-Fi or generic driver as Adjusted via: Control Panel/Sounds and audio devices/Audio/Sound Playback(select Card)/Volume
      this will open the volume control for the card in use.
      Alternately you might be able to right click the "volume" icon
      on the RHS of your task bar select and left click "open volume control" this will also open this feature depending how many cards are installed and how they are being driven.
      I have used X-Fi cards and they do have reasonable performance.
      BUT not being supported and not having 4 in 4 out capability
      made operation a nightmare at times.
      The use of a supported card allows the on screen volume functions of PSDR to be used. This is because PSDR communicates directly with the driver of the sound card and adjusts its in/outputs. When using
      an unsupported card all these 4 ins and 4 outs must be adjusted via windows and the set up is complex and unstable. Added to this when more than one "sound card" is installed conflicts can and do occur between the drivers. Note that when using VAC for digital modes
      select "DIGU" as the mode in PSDR and enable VAC this enables "TXGain" to be used.
      The Blue Screen of Death is most likely to occur when the wrong windows driver is installed or two drivers are installed and conflicting. When a supported card is used only one driver should be
      installed all others should be disabled and uninstalled.
      Regards Eric VK5ZAG licensed 1965 Kangaroo Island.

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, <alpg49@...> wrote:
      > I'm using a Softrock with V2.4.4 for homemade radios on an XP.
      > If I install the Soundblaster X-FI card as itself, I don't get enough audio out. I've tried everything: PA settings, Drive, VAC1 output... I can only run the softrock to about 400mw versus 1w, which I can get with adequate audio.
      > I've found that if I install the card as a generic USB sound card, I can get plenty of audio, but I installed it that way recently, and I get BSoD every time I hit the "START" button on PowerSDR, even if that card isn't selected.
      > Help!
      > If I had a 1:3 audio transformer, it would probably fix the problem, but they aren't that cheap or easy to fine.
      > -Al Gerheim, K1QN, 50 years in ham radio January, 2014
      > All-QRP since 2012.

      Al Gerheim, K1QN
      Celebrating 50 years in ham radio!

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