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2995Soundblaster X-FI causes Blue Screen of Death

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  • alpg49
    Jan 20, 2014
      I'm using a Softrock with V2.4.4 for homemade radios on an XP.  

      If I install the Soundblaster X-FI card as itself, I don't get enough audio out.  I've tried everything:  PA settings, Drive, VAC1 output... I can only run the softrock to about 400mw versus 1w, which I can get with adequate audio.  

      I've found that if I install the card as a generic USB sound card, I can get plenty of audio, but I installed it that way recently, and I get BSoD every time I hit the "START" button on PowerSDR, even if that card isn't selected.  


      If I had a 1:3 audio transformer, it would probably fix the problem, but they aren't that cheap or easy to fine.  

      -Al Gerheim, K1QN, 50 years in ham radio January, 2014
      All-QRP since 2012.  
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