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2938RE: m-audio delta 44 support ?

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  • w4mmp
    Nov 24, 2013


          Thank you very much for locating the dll.   That solved the problem.  I never gave it a thought to search the M-audio site for the dll.   Things are working fine (well almost).  The I/Q is reversed on my RXTX from what powersdr requires.  Just a simply matter of changing the jumpers.



      Ron / W4MMP

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      for the decision it is enough to place in the catalog with the Powersdr program DELTAPNL.DLL library.
      download from here:

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      Ok, what exactly is your problem then and how it differ from these posts?

      Hopefully someone with the same setup might help you to configure your audio card.

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          Thanks for the additional information.  I did search the group and found that topic.   However it did not answer my question.   If it had, I would not have made the post.
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      Subject: [powersdr-iq] RE: m-audio delta 44 support ?


      Please, first make a search to the group's posts

      -> http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/powersdr-iq/conversations/topics/2362


      As for 'audio card support' in PSDR, it is the same up to v2.5.3 where is the final version that Flex is providing any type of plain audio card support.

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         I have just completed a build of the Softrock Ensemble RXTX.   The build instructions referred to the delta 44 as a good card to use.  So, I found one on Ebay at a good price.  I installed the card and the most recent version of the driver.  The card works fine.  I switched my speakers and mic to the 44 and tested all four ports.


      Now,  it appears that powersdr-iq does not really support the most current version of the delta 44 driver.  Powersdr-iq reports an error of a missing dll (deltapnl.dll).  So following something I found on the Flex Radio web site,  I de-installed the current driver,  downloaded the oldest version I could find on the M-audio site and installed it.  Still no dll.  What do I do?

      Will powersdr-iq be upgraded to support the latest delta 44 driver?



      Ron / W4MMP

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