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2926RE: Sound card restrictions was sound card for kx3?

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  • sv1eia
    Nov 17, 2013
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      Hi Neil,

      If you want recommendations for 'audio' cards, go for what I already mentioned, FA-66, D44.

      If you go to 'unsupported' in general, and speaking for all PSDR versions, mainly the Tx will be affected in various functions. If you simply want to have a KX3 panadapter (which is for Rx only), then any card will do I suppose but you will need to have two cards (one on-board and one additional) and always the VAC enabled wich could introduce more problems.

      Been in this for too long, I really say it does not worth the effort to go for 'unsupported', I know first hand and I have plenty of stories where guys ended up spending double or triple  in testing many 'low cost unsupported' cards than the cost of a supported one, its your decision though.

      Christos SV1EIA

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      Christos, to help me choose which sound card to buy for powersdr-iq could you let me know what facilities are missing if an unsupported card is used.
      73 de Neil G3RIR

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       Hi Corey,


      Yes, Cecil is right.


      Just to put things into proper perspective, if we talk about PoweSDR, as an appplication it can go up to 192KHz and it requires a 'supported' card with 4 channels in and four channels out in order to have all functions operational, if you go to an unsupported card, quite a few of application's functions will simply do not operate.

      Audio cards that are used so far from PowerSDR users, are Edirol FA-66 and M-Audio D44.


      Yet your post comes in timely and something is in store for KX3 users on this field, that will give them ease of setup with PowerSDR.




      Christos SV1EIA





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      Thanks Cecil,

      it sounded good , that way I asked the question. I think I will save my money, thanks for the quick reply



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      I would be extremely careful, all it talks about is outputs, no
      analog input mentioned.

      Another thing is look at the specs 32 bits? really, there is no such
      thing, they can't even get 24 to have really 24 bits and the
      specifications for the output seems unreal, 140dB dynamic range, it's
      just not possible yet.

      It seems that the card is over hyped and an output only card, but hey
      it's your money.

      At 06:25 PM 11/14/2013, you wrote:

      >Hi All,
      > I have come cross this sound card Wondering if it would work with
      > powerdr-iq and the kx3? would 384khz be possible.
      >Musiland Monitor 03 US USB Sound Card ASIO 32bit 384kHz

      Cecil - k5nwa
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      Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
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