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2923Offering of a new solution to SDR-1000 users

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  • sv1eia
    Nov 15, 2013
      Dear SDR-1000 users,

      Let me present a new solution for you.

      It is called USB2SDR, is ready-made and whereas so far it was used in homebrew rigs, now by including the top notch ADC AK5394A ADC having 123dB dynamic range and additionally a dedicated controller specifically for SDR-1000 DB25 interface, comes to you providing seamless operation.

      As the name indicates, it has a USB connection from your PC to your SDR rig setup.
      USB2SDR, gets in between your PC and SDR-1000 rig, it replaces any plain audio card you currently have, with a dedicated SDR DSP designed device, and from then on all functions of your radio are controlled from a USB port of your PC.

      USB2SDR is a DSP device designed from radio amateurs for radio amateurs and gives to current SDR-1000 users the ability to fully utilize rig's abilities and give a boost at maximum in the performance of their radio. All that with an easy to setup total solution as it handles and solves both control interfacing and ADC.

      ADC/DAC configuration is 4in and 4out concurrent channels, and the latest PowerSDR v2.5.3 for SDR-1000 will be given, additionally ammended, including USB2SDR in the supported list so you will have ease of setup.

      So your radio will get a single device offering control via USB, the ADC/DAC for I/Q and Mic/Speaker will also be via USB, all of them in a single cable connection between your PC and USB2SDR. USB2SDR will have and handle all other connections to your rig, the control interface to DB25, the I/Q ADC/DAC, the audio mic/speaker and the CW key.

      Dedicated drivers are implemented for that device, bypassing any windows audio buffering and latency.
      All windows environments are supported, W7 and W8 in 32 or 64 architectures.

      Your familiar application, PowerSDR v2.5.3 will be there, yet now you will be given the opportunity to have operation from all modern PC's or laptops as they all have a USB 2.0 HS connection available.
      And do that now with the increased performance of 123dB dynamic range from the powerful AK5394A at full 192KHz.

      The offering comes from the USB2SDR Indiegogo campaign here
      -> http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/usb2sdr-software-defined-radio-startup

      For any information you can contact me directly or post in the powersdr-iq Yahoo! group here
      -> http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/powersdr-iq

      Best regards & 73,
      Christos SV1EIA