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2903RE: powersdr 2.4.4 with my Ensemble RXTX Low RF output

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  • yannick.devos
    Oct 8, 2013


      In SSB, for 1W PEP with a 2-tone audio in, you should get around 0.25W average power, no more. With normal voice (no compression), 100mW average power on peak is expected.

      Having more is a sign you're overdriving your transmit chain.

      With a single tone signal (PSK31, RTTY, WSPR) you can have up to 1W but the linearity of the SoftRock is not good. I always keep mine below 500mW with WSPR. Going to 1W (3dB) will not bring you more spots and could degrage your signal to the point the result is worse...


      Yan - XV4Y.


      http://www.qscope.org/ (Online stats and charts for Contesters, DXers and DXpeditioners).

      ---In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, <powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I have powersdr 2.4.4  with my Ensemble RXTX and when I use tune I get

      a full 1 watt when I go to ssb I can only get about .45 Watt out what

       o I need to do to get my 1 watt in ssb mode.

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