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2850Can't initialize USB to I2C adaptor

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  • kd0ucr
    Jul 17, 2013
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      I am new to the softrock SDR, and had everything working on Sunday with PowerSDR-IQ, with really nice results in both tx and rx. Then, I tried updating from the old 1.12 version to 1.19 (v2.0, I think), and things started to fall apart for me. I was following the directions for integrating powersdr-iq with fldigi, using flexwire, vsp manager, etc. I'm not exactly certain at which step I lost control over the frequency, but oddly enough I did a rollback to an earlier state (sunday when everything worked), and this failed to resolve my problem.

      First, the newer version crashed a lot for me on xp. Second, I now can't change the frequency on 1.12, or even with Rocky or CFGSR. I hear sounds that sound like digital modes, with a bit of CW thrown in, and I see signal on the spectrum, but changing the frequency has no effect on these.

      Also, I'm often getting the error message "can't initialize USB to I2C".

      I'm planning on swapping out the USB cable with a new one just to eliminate the possibility that the failure is because of a cable fault as opposed to related to the changes I tried to implement.

      But if anyone else is dealing with similar problems, I'd like to know it -- and if anyone has ideas about how to fix these things, that would be terrific!
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