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2834Re: query on transmit setup

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  • ericwd9
    Jun 6, 2013
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      Keying the key input jack to the softrock does not tell PSDR that
      you are transmitting. When running PSDR you must key the softrock
      through PSDR via a serial com port. Setup/DSP/Keying. Your key
      connects to the COM port and you key PSDR which in turn keys the

      Regards 73 Eric VK5ZAG

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, Earl Rubin <earl.rubin@...> wrote:
      > Eric
      > Thanks for your reply but I believe that the issue is not related to
      > latency, whcih is not likely going to be an issue at the 12 - 16 WPM CW I
      > am capable of.
      > Here are more details on what I am seeing.
      > Receiver functions normally.
      > Transmit on USB, LSB, DSB and AM modes appear normal.
      > Transmit on CWU or CWL with iambic enables results in motorboating at ~ 1
      > Hz with maximum power output, with or without the paddles connected.
      > Transmit on CWU or CWL with iambic disabled results in a steady transmitted
      > signal, like tune, but at maxium power.
      > Tune function works normal.
      > All tests during Ensemble kit construction were ok but I am going to look
      > again at the circuit around the keying jack. I have assembled the whole
      > series of Softrock kits and never encountered a problem like this.
      > Any more suggestions will definitely be welcome.
      > 73, VA6TJ
      > --
      > Earl Rubin
      > Water Valley AB
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