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2830query on transmit setup

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  • Earl
    May 31, 2013

      I have not been active with the program for a while and am experiencing difficulty with set up. Probably trivial but I can't find it.

      I have power sdr-iq v1.12.20 running under XP with a Delta 44 sound card (ASIO). I am using it with a 20m softrock Ensemble. The radio works fine T&R under WSPR.

      I want to try 20m & 30m CW and have connected my paddles. Receive works fine however if I enable break in or hit the MOX key the transmitter goes into slow oscillation with a kind of "whoop whoop". There is RF output.

      Unchecking the break-in enabled box puts me back into receive.

      Delta 44 connections

      1 amplified speaker
      3,4 transmit IQ

      1,2 receive IQ

      Thanks in advance

      Earl VA6TJ
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