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2763Calibration of PowerSDR for Softrock RxTx ?

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  • joelweder
    Feb 24, 2013
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      Hello all,

      I have recently finished building my Softrock and have been doing some basic testing of transmit functionality. Rocky isn't working well for me as I have a Win7 machine, but as I've been very happy with PowerSDR (2.4.4 IQ version) for receive I'd like to work with it instead.

      I've been looking in the Files area for any information about how to do transmitter calibration to ensure I don't over-drive the Softrock, but haven't found anything. Also did a quick Search of messages, but if there's any discussion I must not be using the right search terms.

      Can anyone point me at a document describing how to set up PowerSDR-IQ 2.4.4 properly to transmit? I mean specifically something about calibration to avoid over-driving - I think I'm pretty close to figuring out other details. (famous last words?)

      Joel VE6EI
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