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2745Re: Power SDR Receive and Transmit Audio Drop Downs

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  • ericwd9
    Feb 3, 2013
      You will need to indicate what version of PSDR you are using?
      you will need to indicate what "sound card" you are using?
      If you have a "approved" sound card selected the audio selection
      will be grayed out. Also in many cases drivers for unused sound
      cards must be purged from the system such that they do not
      interrupt each other. This depends on the individual "sound
      card" driver. Some do some don't.
      Windoze has a messy way of handling sound and this can cause a wide
      variety of problems in addition to large latency delays.
      Sound "cards" similar to Christos's USB2SDR get around these problems
      by not using windoze sound mapping and antiquated handling of
      sound data.

      Best Regards 73 Eric VK5ZAG

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, "chuckm_44" wrote:
      > I have tried and tried to have the Receive and Transmit Primary Sound Card Setup drop down boxes populated instead of grayed out. Only the Input, Output, and Mixer drop downs are populated. I can receive and transmit with my Peaberry SDR if the Input and Output dropdowns are populated appropriately for each case, but the audio streams will not switch automatically. I'm using a laptop with Win 7 32 bit...another laptop running XP 64 bit has the Receive and Transmit dropdowns active, but there are other problems with that setup. Any clues?
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