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2531CW Mode

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  • donald.vosper@btinternet.com
    Aug 1 4:48 AM
      Softrock 6.1 rxtx si570 synth, pwrsdr 1.12.20, Win XP
      Since I got the Delta 44 card my system is working well on AM and ssb.
      Just trying to get it going on CW with a straight key.
      In CWX mode it activates the ptt and I can see the cw in the yellow window but all I get is a few random beeps. The ptt relay falls out after the delay.
      On the key more or less the same, using break-in it activates the ptt according to the delay time set but just get the odd random bleep.
      At one stage the CWX mode did work but I can't see what I did to make it work or stop working again.
      I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this.
      Don m5aky
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