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  • KProtzer@aol.com
    May 2, 2011
      Hello all
      This is Klaus DL5SDG from Germany.
      I have build my own SDR receiver based on Si570 so I can use this fine program.
      I have a question about the recording features of the Power SDR programm version 1.19.15.
      For a  presentation on my local ham radio club "How to use a soundcard  on the amateurradio"
      I wont to show them  the audio-functions of that program in this case the the equalizer and the "BIN" function.
      For that purpose I recorded on my desktop some files (80m, 40m) and I can hear actually the difference between if the function is switched off or not.
      For my powerpoint presention I have tranfered these file via memory-stick to my laptop....
      It works, can hear the stations, but no functions of equalizer and "BIN" function occured on my laptop
      (use the same program version on my laptop)
      Any idea ?
      Greeting from Germany
      Thanks for your help
      73, Klaus DL5SDG