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1576Re: RX Image rejection fails after sending data to parallel port - weard.

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  • sv1eia
    Nov 10, 2010
      Hi Janne,

      The answer to your question is an easy one, you need to go to
      -> http://flex-radio.com/
      there is no other place.
      Check the Support tab on their site, the forums, the reflectors, the knowledgebase etc.

      Christos SV1EIA

      --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, "iami78" <iami78@...> wrote:
      > Good evening Christos,
      > So, it's a conflict in LPT then... I tried to change the address to blank, but it didn't help.
      > I've been planning to study the Psdr core for some time anyway, so maybe this would be the kick to start doing so. Now, turning this question to a bit different direction, do you have any recommendations (probably been discussed somewhere before) where I could start learning the Psdr, hi.
      > 73 de Janne OH1SDR
      > --- In powersdr-iq@yahoogroups.com, "sv1eia" <sv1eia@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Janne,
      > >
      > > The PSDR v.1.19.x application is using the LPT port by default.
      > > Thats happening because the LPT control is needed for the SDR1K.
      > > In PSDR-IQ v1.12.x the LPT is also used to control homebrew external hardware and its use is defined in the 'LPT connections.pdf' document in PowerSDR-IQ downloads.
      > >
      > > You can try to stop it being used, although I'm not sure of the results, by going to
      > > Setup->General->Hardware Config->LPT Address
      > > and type <Del> key so it will delete the address there, or alternatively put a space, then leave it blank. Close and re-start PSDR application.
      > >
      > > 73,
      > > Christos SV1EIA
      > >
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