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1137Re: PSDR-IQ 1.12 + com0com + WSPR V2

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  • Rob
    Feb 6, 2010
      Hello Bob,

      I cannot find the installer for V1.12, so have to make V2.0 work!

      Are you using com0com as the virtual serial port? I setup PSDR-IQ, HRD V5 beta, and WSPR without trouble last September. HRD still works fine.

      WSPR starts on 30m, but if I try to change band to 40m, it says "Config parameter error: Invalid parameter"
      "Error attempting to set rig frequency"
      Then the rig control sentence

      Frustratingly the audio is working fine. It decodes stations on the waterfall diagram, but they're on totally the wrong band!

      Really I should be asking on the WSPR forums, but not a member - I had best become one quick.


      > I just tried WSPR v2.0 with both PSDR-IQ v1.12.20 and PSDR v1.19.3.14 using virtual com ports for the PTT control and it seems to be working correctly.
      > I am using v6.3 TX/RX and the USB to I2C interface with Fred's v15.12 firmware, configured for the TX options.
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