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7Re: How to build a Potatoe Gun...

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  • cdmaster1st
    Dec 29, 2000
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      Building a spud gun is easy, all you need is some
      abs. (i like abs more because it don't shatter when it
      blows up, hit some pvc with a sledge hammer and then
      hit some abs, look at the difference) sch. 40 3 feet
      of 2" abs, a foot of 3" abs. get the couplers you
      need the endcap. you'll figure it out, and an ignitor
      design. i have found that bbq ignitors work the best.
      glue it all together with some abs glue (nasty stuff)
      and there you go, your first spud gun. put the spud
      in the gun about to the combustion chamber spray
      about 7-8 seconds of hairspray put the endcap on and
      ignite.<br><br>(spud guns arn't toys, please be safe, use common
      sense)<br><br>**I am not in anyway responsible for the use or
      construction of this device. Construction and use of this
      device is at own risk. I cannot be held responsible in
      any way, shape, or form. Making this implies that you
      understand this warning**
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