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5i've got a good story

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  • PlayBall08
    Mar 8, 2000
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      My neighbor and i were out behind his house
      shoting a potato gun. I had the idea of shooting the
      potato's straight up in the air. it's actually pretty
      cool, they go hella high. We acually shot one and it
      got so high that we couldn't see it anymore and then
      we never saw it came down. It was kind of weird
      because all the other's came down within 25-50 feet of us
      and were easy to find after they hit. If you ever
      decide to shot a potato gun straight up, make sure your
      not standing over the barrel, the safest way is to
      kneel down beside it and ignite it, and also keep an
      eye on the potato's so that you don't get hit
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