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  • Alexander Ruiz
    ... I only hope he was talking about Star Wars the Original and not Phantom Menace! ARRR!!!! It sounds like you had a great time Jeff and I would like to post
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18 1:02 PM
      >He likened it to "Star Wars" more than the original "Apes" but was respectful of >Burton's vision.
      I only hope he was talking about Star Wars the Original and not Phantom Menace!
      It sounds like you had a great time Jeff and I would like to post this review of your's on my Bulletin Borad so that everyone can see how great it was. I am impressed.
      That is of course if this is not a FAKE review! You don't know someone by the name of MR.X do you?
      just kidding...
      P.S. if you can ever get to those pictures I'll post them as well.
      When I go myself to a convention I want to not only take pictures but also take video, then convert it to 'real player files' for the site. Not a bad idea.
      Now all I need is a CONVENTION! Jeeezz...
    • Jack Krueger
      Just got back from the Planet of the Apes. Or, specifically, the con at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. Got there a little early and paid an extra $3 to get
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 18 8:33 PM
         Just got back from the Planet of the Apes. Or, specifically, the con at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. Got there a little early and paid an extra $3 to get inside early. Didn't want to miss out on the goodies. Not to worry, there was plenty. But got to go to the prop room before the crowds.
         Pretty incredible. We were allowed to touch so my friend took my picture wielding a couple weapons, including the sword with holes as seen on Poster #2. Later, I even got a picture of Booth Colman wielding it. There were playing cards for the apes, Walhberg's weapons, little statues. Unfortunately I won't know what most of this stuff is for until the movie comes out. They had those sticks seen in the trailer used to take the humans out of the cage. Oh, they even had Tim Burton's director's chair. Tables of stuff. More weapons hanging on the wall. Pullover masks of the major characters used in long shots. What else... the ape flags, what looked like a ape first aid kit. The only thing I can think of they didn't have were any costumes.
         Giveaways: I was led to believe they had the new poster but it was Poster #2 (the ape army), so I can't report on any new poster. Nor did they show a new trailer. They DID show a behind the scenes thing that will be cool on DVD. Alot of it is stuff seen on the website. The only knew thing that sticks out is I got to hear Limbo (Paul Giamatti) talk for the first time. He sounded like Lew Ayres in "Battle". It showed the appliance being applied to Clark Duncan. I enjoyed this production and people seemed intrigued, but they didn't applaud much. They applauded clips from "AI" more.
        More giveaways: the best was a series of 5 posters given outthroughout the day. Some of you might have seen the image of characters in shadow kinda like meet the Beatles. There's a card with Wahlberg, Estella, Helena and Thade you may have seen. Those were given out too, but these posters are great. They'd give out a stack of Wahlbergs, then some Estellas, then Clarke Duncan, then Krull, then Thade, then Ari. OK, 6. Those who kept coming back to the giveaway table (like me) were rewarded. Also given were an ape coin and a Topps trading card. Oh, and an "AI" poster based on that film's "Flesh Faire". When Stan Winston did his signing he gave out the standard "AI" poster but I didn't wait in line for that. There were also "AI" lapel pins, "Evolution" stickers, "Jurassic 3" posters, I guess that's it.
         Hung out with Booth Colman. I printed up Mez's life story and gave it to him along with the link. He doesn't have a computer (or a DVD player, he votes for the Oscars so they send him DVDs but he can't watch them), but he said he will check out her site at a friend's. Booth is like Ron Harper and Naughton in that he kinda doesn't like the show (while Roddy and Mark Lenard seemed proud of it) so I thought it would do to show how it's impacted people. Also caught up with Eric Greene, was impressed that I got his book signed by Jane Goodall, showed him the new book I'm in. Was reunited with the biggest "Ape" collector I know, Joe Farrell. There was a lot of "Ape" stuff for sale, expensive as usual, but nothing particularly unigue. One vendor had Mego figures of various nakednesses in sandwich bags, a stark naked Cornelius with a broken leg and arm for $10.
         Stan Winston spoke for an hour, then signed for a half hour. I thought it was weird that they scheduled him the same day as "Apes" sice he was connected to it for YEARS then unceremoniously dropped and replaced by Rick Baker. Stan spoke well of both Burton and Baker, saying he couldn't wait to see "Apes"  and calling Baker the best in the business and the one that keeps everyone on their toes. I thought that was very classy. Let's face it, Winston is no slouch and is represented this summer by "Pearl Harbor", "AI" and "Jurassic Park", so I don't think I could decide who's better. Winston said they both worked on "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman". He also said he could kick Baker's ass. Winston also shot down the idea that CGI will "replace" anything. "Shrek" will not kill off quirky animation like "South Park" or puppets like "The Muppets" or live-action dinosaurs. There's room for everything . This got a big applause. He wouldn't reveal what he did for "AI" but there were generous clips.
         For the "Apes" presentation the guest was Cary whats-his-name (Krull). A Fox rep warmed us up with clips from some Fox movies including "Apes". He said "Apes" is important to the studio, not just the new film but the original series and it's legend. Cary was wonderful, very humble and softspoken> I was surprised, I guess I was expecting a jokey Jackie Chan type. Ah, stereotypes! He mentioned the social conscience of the original during the Vietnam era and said this new one won't be as socially hard hitting. He likened it to "Star Wars" more than the original "Apes" but was respectful of Burton's vision. Said Burton was interested in creating what an actual ape society would be like, not "animals with guns". Cary was very enthusiastic about "ape school" and showed some of his moves, which got applause. Talked about how he often gets cast as bad guys, which is the plight of Asian actors in Hollywood (said he would NOT play the stereotypical Japanese tourist, that he has to respect what he does). Talked about his past in martial arts films, that it has become a crass business. Mentioned the plight of real apes and the use of their hands as ashtrays, that we need to examine our humanity and that's what Burton attempts. That's what I remember off the top of my head. I taped his talk and will go through it later. I admire him very much, I hope Krull has a big role.
         That's about it. Didn't buy anything but a"The Fly" promo button ("Help Me...Please Help Me") and a Coke.
                                                                          - - - - - Jeff Krueger
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        From: Brian
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        Yeah, I'm still airing out the house too!  My favorite line, besides all the unnecessary G'dams by the lame General, was from the blonde love interest,"Be gentle, Big Guy."

        It started with a ship on the high seas, captain and crew member talking about how big the APE (in the cargo hold) was and that he had enuff gas in him to keep him asleep for 5 days.  BOOM!  The little plastic model of the boat explodes and there's this 36 foot cigar store gorilla splashing around with a giant (dead) shark.  Go figure.

        That one certainly takes the cake as all-time Stink-o-rama!!


        LordTZer0@... wrote:

        Did anyone else check out A*P*E?
        Wow!  That ape really stunk up the place.
        Now that's bad movie making.  He flipped off the last helicopter he
        destroyed.  And wore a gorilla suit that would have done the Prohaska Bros.
        It seemed tailor made for MST3K.  I missed the beging how did it start?

        Best line . . . "Lets see him dance for his organ grinder now!"

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