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75862RE: [pota] Re: Old or Nu?

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  • Jeff K.
    Apr 17

      It’s still early days for Nu Apes. We haven’t even arrived at the POTA. We’ve only seen the birth of a new breed.


      My list:

    1. POTA68  2. Escape 3. Dawn 4. Rise 5. Conquest 6. Beneath 7. POTA2001 8. Battle


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    I've found that RISE and DAWN improve with repeated viewings, but they don't do anything for me that the original did and to a large extent still does.

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    Yet the originals stand up to repeated viewings, and Nu Apes bored me to tears. Literally all style, no substance.


    BTW, that's ALL you got out of that entire posting? My (oft-stated) dislike for DAWN?


    Chris L.




    Jeff K. wrote:


    >>“Dawn” is about flipping a switch like the original POTA is about spaceship trouble. The switch is flipped half way through the movie. Sorry that’s all you get out of it.
    Nu Apes isn’t perfect, but neither were the originals <<

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