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Re: sender_dependent_relayhost_maps Syntax

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  • Jeroen Geilman
    ... No. There is no incoming mail going to the smtp(8) process - smtp(8) SENDS mail, it doesn t receive any. Look closely at the overview I linked you to. --
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 21, 2013
      On 04/21/2013 05:06 PM, awingnut wrote:
      > On 4/21/2013 10:50 AM, Jeroen Geilman wrote:
      >> On 04/19/2013 03:17 PM, awingnut wrote:
      >>> On 4/19/2013 8:30 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
      >>>> Am 19.04.2013 14:25, schrieb awingnut:
      >>>>> I have a series of user names that need to be relayed through a server
      >>>>> other then the default. It is not clear from the documentation if wild
      >>>>> cards are allowed but it appears they are not
      >>>> no and wildchars in case of mail are generally a bad idea
      >>>>> If that is true then I need to list each one individually.
      >>>>> However, I am also using generic mapping and again it is not
      >>>>> explained in the documentation which address needs to be in the
      >>>>> relay maps file, the local address vs. the translated
      >>>>> address. Can some please clarify? Thanks.
      >>>> what additional mapping?
      >>>> we are using "sender_dependent_relayhost_maps" to allow specific
      >>>> senders which are not hosted on our server and rely them to
      >>>> the customers MTA with the users login/password without
      >>>> rewrite anything
      >>> Thanks for the reply. I kind of figured wildcards were out.
      >>> As to what other mapping, I'm talking about smpt_generic_maps. If the
      >>> local user name is xyzabc@... and it is mapped to
      >>> 123890@..., which goes into the relayhosts file?
      >> smtp_generic_maps is consulted by the postfix smtp(8) program, when
      >> sending mail out.
      >> sender_dependent_relayhost_maps is consulted when incoming mail is
      >> queued.
      >> Ergo, you should match the original sender.
      >> For an overview of the postfix mail system, see:
      >> http://www.postfix.org/OVERVIEW.html
      > Thanks. I think I understand what you are saying but your terminology is
      > a bit confusing. By incoming mail, I assume you mean incoming to the
      > smpt process as opposed incoming mail for local delivery. This is all
      > outgoing mail in that context.

      No. There is no "incoming mail" going to the smtp(8) process - smtp(8)
      SENDS mail, it doesn't receive any.
      Look closely at the overview I linked you to.

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