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Re: Support for MDB in postfix 2.10?

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  • Quanah Gibson-Mount
    --On Monday, March 18, 2013 4:26 PM -0400 Wietse Venema ... These sound like really excellent improvements. I ve been using MDB with OpenLDAP for a while, and
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      --On Monday, March 18, 2013 4:26 PM -0400 Wietse Venema
      <wietse@...> wrote:

      > Quanah Gibson-Mount:
      >> --On Sunday, March 17, 2013 8:15 PM -0400 Wietse Venema
      >> <wietse@...> wrote:
      >> > Snaphot 20130317 addresses sub-optimal behavior in the LMDB client
      >> > code that affected tlsmgr and "postmap -i", and it makes the code
      >> > more resilient.
      >> >
      >> > In particular, the Postfix LMDB client will no longer keep crashing
      >> > on a "database full" error. Instead, Postfix can now recover without
      >> > immediately requiring human intervention. This is important because
      >> > many Postfix databases contain data that is maintained by a Postfix
      >> > daemon process, and the size of the data is not known in advance.
      >> >
      >> > With this, LMDB no longer requires constant watching for "database
      >> > full" errors. As the system recovers from an error, it logs a warning
      >> > that humans can take care of the next day.
      >> Excellent news, thank you Wietse! Does this mean it may be included in
      >> a future release?
      > Yes. And with these failure modes eliminated, it becomes worthwhile
      > to explore new opportunities, such as updating a shared table.
      > For example, multiple postscreen(8) or tlsmgr(8) or verify(8) daemons
      > should be able to update a shared LMDB database, something that
      > cannot safely be done with Berkeley DB. Occasionally some daemon
      > may restart to automatically recover from an LMDB "table full"
      > condition, but the system won't come to a halt. You can postpone
      > these restarts by increasing lmdb_map_size in main.cf before the
      > table reaches that limit.

      These sound like really excellent improvements. I've been using MDB with
      OpenLDAP for a while, and we're working hard on removing our reliance on
      BDB everywhere, so now that postfix has support for it, it is a major win
      in my book. Thank you!



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