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Re: destination_rate_delay and connection_reuse_time_limit

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  • Viktor Dukhovni
    ... The term is nexthop , this specifies the next system or systems to which the message will be forwarded en-route to its destination mailbox. With SMTP the
    Message 1 of 74 , Jan 7, 2013
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      On Mon, Jan 07, 2013 at 03:06:42PM -0200, Rafael Azevedo - IAGENTE wrote:

      > Anyway, I'll search how to use this "next hoop" feature and see

      The term is "nexthop", this specifies the next system or systems
      to which the message will be forwarded en-route to its destination
      mailbox. With SMTP the nexthop is a domain (subject to MX lookups)
      or [gateway] (not subject to MX lookups).

      The syntax of transport entries for each delivery agent is specified
      in the man page for that delivery agent, see the "SMTP DESTINATION SYNTAX"
      section of:


      > Although I'm still having to respect the amount of message per
      > time frame so the question persists: how can I low down delivery
      > to these destinations without opening too many connections to them?

      You can reduce the connection rate by caching connections, which
      works when you consolidate all the domains that use that provider
      to a single transport/nexthop.

      You can only reduce the message delivery rate by sending less mail.
      To reduce the peak message delivery rate, you need to insert
      artifiical delays between message deliveries, but this defeats
      connection reuse. You can't have both if the limits are sufficiently
      aggressive. You should probably ignore the message rate limit.

      By capping both message rates and connection rates the receiving
      system is hostile to legitimate bulk email. If the the hosted
      users actually want your email, ask them to talk to the provider
      on your behalf.

      Otherwise, you can spread the load over multiple servers each
      of which falls under the rate limits (snow-shoe).

      > Having them all in one only transport/nexthop will not fix the
      > problem if I don't control the throughput, right?

      This will cause connection reuse, which combined with a destination
      concurrency limit of 1, will minimize the number of connections

    • Wietse Venema
      ... No it doesn t. Postfix logs delivery temporarily suspended and skips Yahoo until the dead host timer expires. Wietse
      Message 74 of 74 , Jan 9, 2013
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        Rafael Azevedo - IAGENTE:
        > > When all greetings fail with 4xx or whatever then Postfix will
        > > suspend deliveries.
        > I have no idea about what I'm doing wrong, this really doesn't
        > happen in my servers.

        No it doesn't. Postfix logs "delivery temporarily suspended" and
        skips Yahoo until the "dead host" timer expires.

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