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Re: destination_rate_delay and connection_reuse_time_limit

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  • Rafael Azevedo - IAGENTE
    Hi Wietse, I don t really get. I m also sure postfix has a way to solve this issue. This is what I m trying to do: - I need to have only one process to this
    Message 1 of 74 , Jan 7, 2013
      Hi Wietse,

      I don't really get. I'm also sure postfix has a way to solve this issue.

      This is what I'm trying to do:

      - I need to have only one process to this transport's queue.
      - This queue must respect the destination's policy, so I can't have more than 20 opened connections in 10 minutes timeframe. Thats why I want to use connection cache.

      According to my configuration, I'm having only one process for this transport, also limiting the sending time, holding down delivery process, waiting 1 second for each sent message before sending another one.

      And since this transport handles only specific domains, I really don't have to worry about receiver policies, because they told me to send as much as I can using the same connection, avoiding opening one connection per message.

      What do you recommend me to do? Can you help me out on tunning this up?


      Rafael Azevedo | IAGENTE
      Fone: 51 3086.0262

      Em 07/01/2013, às 11:28, Wietse Venema <wietse@...> escreveu:

      Rafael Azevedo - IAGENTE:
      I do use destination_rate_delay for specific transport queue, and
      I found out that connection cache is not working when I have
      transport_destination_rate_delay > 1s.

      The default time limit is 2s, and it is enforced in multiple places.
      You have found only one.

      As Postfix documentation says, you must not increase these time
      limits without permission from the receiver.  Connection caching
      is a performance tool, not a tool to circumvent receiver policies.


    • Wietse Venema
      ... No it doesn t. Postfix logs delivery temporarily suspended and skips Yahoo until the dead host timer expires. Wietse
      Message 74 of 74 , Jan 9, 2013
        Rafael Azevedo - IAGENTE:
        > > When all greetings fail with 4xx or whatever then Postfix will
        > > suspend deliveries.
        > I have no idea about what I'm doing wrong, this really doesn't
        > happen in my servers.

        No it doesn't. Postfix logs "delivery temporarily suspended" and
        skips Yahoo until the "dead host" timer expires.

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