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Re: what is a virtual domain?

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  • Thufir
    ... The terminology s from postfix: Postfix on hosts without a real Internet hostname This section is for hosts that don t have their own Internet hostname.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
      On Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:40:52 -0600, Lindsay Haisley wrote:

      > I'm not sure what's meant by the term "vanity
      > domain" but I'm sure it'll do just fine, as long as it resolves to a
      > proper local IP address and if necessary there's a MX (mail exchange)
      > record associated with it.

      The terminology's from postfix:

      Postfix on hosts without a real Internet hostname

      This section is for hosts that don't have their own Internet hostname.
      Typically these are systems that get a dynamic IP address via DHCP or
      via dialup. Postfix will let you send and receive mail just fine between
      accounts on a machine with a fantasy name. However, you cannot use a
      fantasy hostname in your email address when sending mail into the
      Internet, because no-one would be able to reply to your mail. In fact,
      more and more sites refuse mail addresses with non-existent domain names.


      The shifting nomenclature just adds to the confusion. And it's not a
      non-existent domain name, bounceme.net is valid and owned by no-ip.com.
      Only the prefix is "mine" in any sense.

      In reply to what's said above by Lindsay about resolving to a proper IP
      address, no it doesn't resolve, with some caveats.

      Or, to add to the confusion, sometimes entering http://dur.bounceme.net/
      will resolve to my dynamic IP address which my ISP provides, but there's
      no guarantee it will work and I wouldn't want it to -- I'm not trying to
      run a server on the internet. Which IP address that "host" resolves to
      is up to no-ip.com, who own bounceme.net and only let me use
      dur.bounceme.net as a courtesy/marketing thing.

      On my machine, yes, the host name (?) of dur.bounceme.net seems to work
      fine. Mailman comes up fine, and postfix seems to manage to keep all
      the mail local.

      Many of the replies are over my head with SSL authentication, but I
      appreciate the information in any event.

      thanks again,

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