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Re: postfix 2.8.8.x and SPF rejecting emails from my MX servers

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  • Reindl Harald
    ... add the backup-MX to spf or mynetworks
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2012
      Am 02.04.2012 14:52, schrieb Josef Karliak:
      > Good afternoon,
      > I use SPf for spf authorized domains. When my primary MX fails, email is sent to my backup MX. When my primary
      > get up, email that waits in the spool of my backup is rejected by my primary server because of SPF. For example
      > http://www.openspf.org/Why?id=aukro%40info.aukro.cz&ip=
      > Email is sent for some user in the tcmcentrum.cz from aukro.cz. tcmcentrum.cz is down, email is sent to backup
      > celer.ajetaci.cz . tcmcentrum.cz got up, celer.ajetaci.cz try to deliver email from aukro.cz and it is rejected
      > (celer.ajetaci.cz is not authorized for aukro.cz). But why, I'm just backup... What did I missed ?

      add the backup-MX to spf or mynetworks
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