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Re: SMTP Authentication

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  • Joe Wong
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      On 26 Mar, 2012, at 4:29, Patrick Ben Koetter <p@...> wrote:

      > * KingT <mr.kingcasino@...>:
      >> I have just read SMTP Authentication and known have much type of it. Such as
      >> mail Submission, Extended SMTP, SASL.
      >> And I want to setup an SMTP AUTH on my mail server. Which type I should
      >> choose to implement ?
      > If you plan to use Dovecot, use Dovecot SASL to configure Submission on
      > Postfix.
      > If you don't plan to use Dovecot, use Cyrus SASL to configure Submission on
      > Postfix.
      > p@rick
      > --
      > All technical questions asked privately will be automatically answered on the
      > list and archived for public access unless privacy is explicitely required and
      > justified.
      > saslfinger (debugging SMTP AUTH):
      > <http://postfix.state-of-mind.de/patrick.koetter/saslfinger/>
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