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Re: Delay before initial 220 greeting

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    ... I just fired an email to another list where a few Constant Contact folks have been known to participate. A member (non CC) already responded with their
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 1, 2012
      On 3/1/2012 11:42 AM, Brian Evans - Postfix List wrote:
      > On 3/1/2012 11:49 AM, Alex wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >>>> I had thought it was related, but another issue I'm trying to figure
      >>>> out is how to prevent a single remote server from sending thousands of
      >>>> messages at a time, filling the queue, and causing significant
      >>>> delivery delays for all mail.
      >>> Is it safe to assume these thousands of messages are spam, and not legit
      >>> mail? If so, simply block the IP address(es) in a cidr table:
      >>> smtpd_recipient_restrictions
      >>> permit_mynetworks
      >>> reject_unauth_destination
      >>> check_client_access cidr:/etc/postfix/blacklist.cidr
      >>> ...
      >>> /etc/postfix/blacklist.cidr
      >>> #single IP
      >>> REJECT high rate spammer
      >>> #class C network
      >>> REJECT snowshoe spammer
      >>> If it's legit mail, anvil typically takes care of rate throttling, IIRC.
      >>> Need more info. What version of Postfix are you using again?
      >> Yes, it is for legit mail, such as that from constantcontact and other
      >> bulk mailers that overwhelm my servers and upset my users who want
      >> their more important mail.
      > Perhaps you would like to rate limit certain IPs?
      > If so, you could apply the above map and, instead of rejecting, perform
      > a check_policy_service action along with something like Postfwd.
      > A policy server could also be global depending on your needs.

      I just fired an email to another list where a few Constant Contact folks
      have been known to participate. A member (non CC) already responded
      with their outbound range. Active hosts list within the range after my sig.

      I also offered to put CC in contact with Alex if this rate issue might
      be better addressed on their end.

      Stan coi001.confirmedcc.com coi002.confirmedcc.com coi003.confirmedcc.com coi103.confirmedcc.com ccm22.constantcontact.com ccm23.constantcontact.com ccm24.constantcontact.com ccm25.constantcontact.com ccm134.constantcontact.com ccm135.constantcontact.com ccm26.constantcontact.com ccm27.constantcontact.com ccm38.constantcontact.com ccm39.constantcontact.com ccm165.constantcontact.com ccm166.constantcontact.com ccm167.constantcontact.com ccm168.constantcontact.com ccm169.constantcontact.com ccm170.constantcontact.com ccm33.constantcontact.com ccm34.constantcontact.com ccm35.constantcontact.com ccm36.constantcontact.com ccm197.constantcontact.com ccm198.constantcontact.com ccm200.constantcontact.com ccm201.constantcontact.com ccm202.constantcontact.com ccm29.constantcontact.com ccm30.constantcontact.com ccm31.constantcontact.com ccm32.constantcontact.com mail245.nutshellmail.com ccm37.constantcontact.com
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