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RE: Indiscriminate maildir processing

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  • Eric Chandler
    From: owner-postfix-users@postfix.org [mailto:owner-postfix-users@postfix.org] On Behalf Of Stan Hoeppner Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 6:06 AM To:
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      Subject: Re: Indiscriminate maildir processing

      >Eric, have you looked at Enkive? It may give you much of what you're
      looking for, right down to user-less, or single user login, with access
      to everything. Albeit >with a search interface instead of an IMAP MUA,
      which may actually be better given the test nature of mails being dumped
      into the sink. Check out the >interactive demo and hit the search page
      to see the search parameter box.


      Thanks Stan! As it turns out, I've already coded the milter and it works
      swimmingly. I'm just now to the imap side of things to see what options
      I have there. I already have a rather-complicated milter system in place
      that grabs email information/contents for all emails we send and stores
      them in a massive Oracle database. We send about 40 million emails a
      month through postfix and these milters, and have over a billion emails
      saved in the database currently. What I'm doing with this little
      catch-all system is simply stopping dev/qa emails from getting into
      inboxes either internally or externally, with the option of people being
      able to look at the email and headers together in the sent mail, rather
      than running queries against the database. Looks like I have such a
      system now. Thanks for all the help everyone.
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