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Re: How to restrict local users to use the sendmail command?

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  • mouss
    ... and it doesn t do queue mgmt. so it s either the mail gets out now or it is lost. sigh.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 27, 2011
      Le 27/06/2011 01:35, Noel Jones a écrit :
      > On 6/26/2011 3:12 PM, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
      >> * Georg Sauthoff<gsauthof@...>:
      >>>> Since procmail(1), and other utilities need to be able to forward mail
      >>>> while retaining the original envelope sender address, restricting the
      >>>> envelope sender address in sendmail would be quite disruptive. Postfix
      >>>> does not provide such a feature.
      >>> Ok, that makes sense.
      >>> Thanks for the clarification.
      >> You might be able to use mini_sendmail (which uses SMTP) and SMTP-AUTH
      >> to restrict the envelope sender a certain users can use. But I'm not
      >> sure if it can use SMTP-AUTH :»
      > mini_sendmail doesn't do AUTH, so it wouldn't be possible to restrict
      > which users are able to send mail.

      and it doesn't do queue mgmt. so it's either the mail gets out now or it
      is lost. sigh.

      > Maybe Georg can use the postfix sendmail(1) command to limit which users
      > can send mail, and a content_filter (which can be a postfix listener) to
      > reject unauthorized MAIL FROM names.
      > -- Noel Jones
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