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Re: swapped postfix for sendmail; now scripts break

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  • Wolfgang Zeikat
    ... For the records: /usr/ucb/mail -s test2 -r, Cc: und Bcc: mit /usr/ucb/mail SunOS 5.10 -r wolfgang.zeikat@desy.de -c
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2010
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      In an older episode, on 2010-07-29 21:24, Jay G. Scott wrote:

      > My users have a script like so (sanitized for everyone's sake):
      > /usr/ucb/mail -s "a subject" \
      > -r contracts \
      > -c "list o folks"\
      > -b "diff list o folks" \
      > "real recip list" \
      > < some_file


      > postfix's sendmail doesn't have a -c (carbon copy) or
      > -b (blind carbon copy) equivalent. -f and -F will fix
      > the "from" fakery, but the carbon copies are a problem.

      For the records:

      /usr/ucb/mail -s "test2 -r, Cc: und Bcc: mit /usr/ucb/mail SunOS 5.10"
      -r wolfgang.zeikat@... -c wolfgang.zeikat@...,other@...

      works for me on SunOS 5.10 with postfix. We already installed postfix
      really early there after removing sendmail. As far as I can tell, the -c
      option depends on the "mail" binary, not on the MTA's sendmail binary.

      -r uses the "full name" of the user from /etc/password ...


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