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Re: basics for setting up postfix - is this sufficient?

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  • mouss
    ... the internal IP (192.168....) doesn t matter. does your provider promiss a static external IP? if not, imagine what happens if your IP is allocated to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25, 2010
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      three_jeeps a écrit :
      > Hello:
      > I am looking for some pointers on how to set up postfix as a mail server.
      > I am running ubuntu 8.04 server. I use DynDns free web host redirects - my
      > domain is
      > foo.homeunix.com, my isp (comcast) is (fictious address), my
      > ubuntu server has a
      > static ip address of and behind a cable modem router.

      the "internal" IP (192.168....) doesn't matter. does your provider
      "promiss" a static external IP?

      if not, imagine what happens if your IP is allocated to someonelse: your
      mail will go to a bad place.

      > I have configured my dynamic DNS host as a record ponted to an IP address to
      > map my local server IP
      > address to the comcast ISP address. (I run apache2 and http requests work
      > fine).
      > Question: Is this configuration sufficient to allow postscript on my serve

      I guess: s/postscript/postfix...

      > to operate as a mail server
      > (when properly configured?) I assume for postfix config my FQDN is
      > foo.homeunix.com?
      > If not, what needs to be done? DynDns also has a service that sets the MX
      > records for my host.
      > Question: Do I need to configure the MX records for my host to make it email
      > routing work?

      if you want to receive mail for example.com, then you set up an MX for
      example.com. it's about mail to joe@.... it's not about the name
      of your machine.

      > Question: Assuming the above is sufficient (and if necessary MX records
      > configured), is there a guide that
      > will explain how to configure postfix as an outbound only server?

      check www.postfix.org. click on "documentation" and follow the links. in


      null client and firewall setups should help you...

      > Alternative approach: If I want to configure Postfix as an outbound only
      > server, relaying through my
      > gmail account, how can this be done?

      that will certainly be better for "deliverability", but you need to
      setup smtp SASL (client side):

      > Is the above configuration through
      > DynDns sufficient? if not,
      > what is missing.

      dyndns can do nothing about your reverse dns. your ISP decides what your
      PTR is. if it looks "suspicious", you'll have deliverability problems.
      a comcast origin isn't the best thing you can have:)

      so, go for the gmail approach. the good thing is that it should force
      you to learn more about smtp (in particular, SASL setup), which you
      won't regret.
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