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Re: pop-before-smtp should not put localhost/server ip in the list then?

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  • Ansgar Wiechers
    ... It should if you re doing POP from or the server s IP address. Which you probably shouldn t. Why are you doing POP-before-SMTP instead of
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2010
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      On 2010-04-05 Josh Cason wrote:
      > So then from I could tell. Pop-Before-Smtp should not list
      > and the server ip number then.

      It should if you're doing POP from or the server's IP address.
      Which you probably shouldn't.

      Why are you doing POP-before-SMTP instead of SMTP-auth anyway?

      > I guess what I'm asking is. I have this server doing multiple duties
      > including sending logwatch and webmail from the server via localhost.
      > This works great. But I think it might be a cause to my spamming
      > problem. I just don't have a way to test xxx fake e-mail to go through
      > the server from the outside to see if it gets changed and the local
      > network sends it. Do any of you have a good e-mail test program that I
      > can send stuff as a relay to the mychoice server. relay to relay
      > without setting up another e-mail server or full blown server? Yes I
      > know the server should accept outside mail. But not route outside mail
      > that does not belong to it. That is what is currently doing.
      > xxx@... is going to mutiple yahoo adresses via my server. (this
      > is a example. It does alot others.) Yet my server should say oh
      > xxx@... you have not business here. You are not going to one of
      > my email users. So it stops it.

      Since you still haven't shown the log excerpt of one full transaction
      (even after I specifically asked you to do so) we still don't know how
      the mail in question actually enters your server. Unless you provide
      sufficient information there's not much we can do to troubleshoot your

      According to the log excerpt you posted, Postfix thinks that the mail is
      delivered from its own external address via SMTP ( is the
      server's external address, right?), and accepts it, because that address
      is listed in the pop-before-smtp database. I'd start looking for two

      - Which process on primary is sending mail to primary via SMTP? (i.e.
      who/what is actually sending the spam mails)
      - Why is the server's own address listed in the pop-before-smtp
      database? (i.e. who is doing POP3 on the server itself)

      BTW, if you absolutely *must* use some broken mail client that handles
      neither In-Reply-To nor References header, could you *at least* leave
      the subject alone? So that non-broken mail clients have a chance to
      associate your responses with the respective thread? Thank you.

      Ansgar Wiechers
      "Abstractions save us time working, but they don't save us time learning."
      --Joel Spolsky
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