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Re: message_size_limit vs virtual_mailbox_limit

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  • Voytek Eymont
    ... Noel, Victor, thanks, I ll go with same size, that s best solution for me virtual_mailbox_limit = $message_size_limit -- Voytek
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 31, 2010
      On Thu, April 1, 2010 1:31 am, Noel Jones wrote:
      > On 3/31/2010 6:37 AM, Voytek Eymont wrote:

      > "no limit" is usually a bad choice; unexpected things can happen.

      > Better choices include
      > - set virtual_mailbox_limit to some large value you don't ever
      > expect to exceed, maybe 10x ~ 100x the message_size_limit. - set
      > "virtual_mailbox_limit = $message_size_limit" so that
      > changes to message_size_limit are automatically applied to
      > virtual_mailbox_limit.

      Noel, Victor,

      thanks, I'll go with same size, that's best solution for me
      "virtual_mailbox_limit = $message_size_limit"

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