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Re: confused about MULTI_INSTANCE readme

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  • Victor Duchovni
    ... A fully configured mailhub MTA that handles email for a cluster of machines, a department or an entire organization. For edge ( firewall ) MTAs locally
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      On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:18:41AM -0300, Gerardo Herzig wrote:

      > Hi all, im reading the docs about setting postifx with multiples
      > instances [1]. At the "Setting up the null-client Postfix instance"
      > part, there is a sample main.cf "which will be a local-submission null
      > client:" file, with this:
      > .
      > .
      > # Send everything to the internal mailhub
      > #
      > relayhost = [mailhub.example.com]

      A fully configured "mailhub" MTA that handles email for a cluster of
      machines, a department or an entire organization. For edge ("firewall")
      MTAs locally generated mail (e.g. cron) goes to internal servers, as
      with any other non-MTA system in you would manage.

      On the mailhub itself, its null-client also forwards to the mailhub
      SMTP service (different instance), and here tweaks to "inet_interfaces"
      and/or "myhostname" may be required to foil loop detection when the
      null-client forwards to the full MTA on the same machine.

      > Later in the doc, it mentions "The default Postfix
      > instance[...]responsible for local mail submission"
      > So, the questions:
      > - That mailhub.example.com should be the name of "The default Postfix
      > instance"?

      No, the default Postfix instance is the instance on the current machine,
      whose configuration directory is in the default location compiled into
      the code (on many systems /etc/postfix).

      It is recommended that the default instance be a null-client instance.

      > - Should the "null-client Postfix instance" be a
      > member of the multi-instance group, with its own conf directory?

      The null-client instance should be the default instance. It need
      not be a member of any group, but it should be "enabled" so that
      "postfix start/reload/stop" do the right thing.


      P.S. Morgan Stanley is looking for a New York City based, Senior Unix
      system/email administrator to architect and sustain our perimeter email
      environment. If you are interested, please drop me a note.
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