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Re: Rejecting invalid email addresses with SMTP relay/forward

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  • Eero Volotinen
    ... See address verification (verify) at postfix documentation -- Eero
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 30, 2009
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      Quoting Michael <pfml@...>:

      > I have a couple of mail servers that act only as SMTP relay, and SMTP backup
      > servers.
      > How can I reject invalid recipient addresses at these servers?
      > I have investigated the manual on local_recipient_maps, however it appears
      > that this is only useful for email where the machine involved is the final
      > destination.
      > In this case these 2 machines operate in a load-balanced manner, forwarding
      > email onto the final server, or in a few instances acting as an MX20 backup.
      > I can make available to these servers (via SQL replication) a list of 'valid'
      > email addresses from the destination mail server(s), how can the
      > valid/invalid address accept/deny be deployed?

      See address verification (verify) at postfix documentation

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