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Re: Relay mail server for a dial-up sat connection

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  • Bastian Blank
    ... You have no previous knowledge about mail infrastructure? At least parts of the mail looks this way. ... Use uucp. ... postfix is no POP-server. dovecot
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2009
      On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 11:39:07AM +0200, Enrico g wrote:
      > I've been charged to develop a relay mail server in a dial-up sat
      > connection by my company.

      You have no previous knowledge about mail infrastructure? At least parts
      of the mail looks this way.

      > 1a) This server must connect to Internet every 3 hours and fetch and
      > send mails for various users.
      > 1b) Connection must be opened by the server at the start of the
      > process and closed when all mails are received and sent.

      Use uucp.

      > 2a) Users can access the received mail on the server through POP
      > clients or webmail.

      postfix is no POP-server. dovecot and courier are good options.

      > 2b) Users can send mail through the server with SMTP clients or webmail.

      postfix can do that.

      > pop3d (is that the right name?) to serve POP at clients

      It is old software. In new setup it is not often used.

      > Have to find out how to manage virtual users (I saw a couple of tools
      > here and there), because I don't want 'mail user' = 'nix user'


      > However there is the possibilities of a power loss, possibly resulting
      > in a "missing call" by cron.

      Use an UPS.

      > Anacron is supposed to help in these but can it manage every-3-hours
      > jobs? Have to check...

      What problem are you trying to solve, which is not possible via a fixed
      3 hours shedule?

      > In the case I will use postfix, how can I check out when it has
      > finished sending mail to Internet (to close dialup connection)?

      You can't if you use SMTP.

      > Both qmail and postfix have modules to serve mail boxes using POP3 so
      > no problems here

      None have that.

      > Here comes a big question. I want a MTA that can receive mail from
      > clients using SMTP and send those "big bag of mails" using server
      > smtp.domain.net instead of take care to distribute every single mail.
      > Can postfix do this? and how?

      Äh, beginners documentation? It is listed in the first part of the
      documentation: http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html

      > So I have this strange question:
      > I'm user user@...

      I doubt that you are equal to the Wayneco Heavy Industries LLC, which is
      registrant for domain.net. Maybe you mean user@....

      > Why this? Because as I said the mail provider we use require
      > authentication, so my intention where to use one account to access
      > SMTP server and from there leave the "big bag of mail" to the SMTP
      > server of the mail provider, instead of opening different connection
      > for every single user.

      This SMTP services are often not usable as frontend of a full featured
      mail setup.


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